If you send us in addition to a completed Excel file also pictures, please enter the image file name in the provided table cell. Check the correct spelling and avoid the usage ofspecial characters in filenames (such as ä, ö, ü, ß). The best way is to copy the name out of your file manager and paste it into the table cell, then you avoid typing errors.

If you provide us new mill positions, use this Excel file as a template. Very helpful for us is to fill out an entry for a mill as completely as possible, mandatory are the orange fields at the left part of the table, because these values directly influence the content of the information fields in the map. The other columns are optional, but important if you want to sort the table according to specific criteria in order to create individual kmz-files. For example, you can create such a special record for all the water mills that have a Poncelet-wheel or a Francis turbine.

If you are submitting sites from different countries, please provide an excel file per country. In concrete terms, apply to the first table, for example, all German mill sites and send the table with the related images by e-mail. Now do the same with another country and send these files in a second mail.
If you have filled in the table completely, save it and send it to me as a mail attachment along with the mill photos to the following email address: ansgar@carnivoren.org.

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