Please send only photos made by yourself or where you are absolutely sure that the copyright holder allows the use for this project. The photos will be freely available to anyone using the database file. The photos don't need to be very large, max. 400 * 400 pixels. Ideally, you should recognize that there is a mill on the picture, for example if there is still a waterwheel at the building or a water inlet to a turbine. You see, unfortunately, often photographs of mills, where only one side of the building is visible, which is more like a house and have little to do with mills. Many mill friends will decide on the basis of such pictures, whether they visit a mill and are disappointed if they expected to have a water wheel, but on the basis of the image could not see if there is one available and there is not really a waterwheel anymore. If the wheel, is hidden in the building, you have little options when shooting. For these purposes, the information should be entered in the Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to send a lot of photos, please get in touch beforehand, so that no problems occur when sending the e-mails.