Our objective:
The  Mill GPS Database project targets to have at one point in time all mills worldwide locatable. This project is in cooperation with TIMS
and the database is located on the TIMS server. The results can be visualized in Google Maps or even better in Google Earth.
On this site you will be shown how to use the database, in some cases we make use of video tutorials.

We need your help:
We would like to receive from you information on new mill locations. Ideally, for every mill the following data is required:
  • the precise GPS coordinates,
  • a short description,
  • a photo and last but not least,
  • a completely filled-out data record in an Excel spreadsheet.
We have prepared a sample Excel file and a short video tutorial, where you will be shown how to enter the information in this excel file. With this information we will create so-called KMZ files which can be loaded in Google Maps or Google Earth.

For the experts:
A video tutorial is provided, showing you how to create your own customized KMZ file.

The result:
The result is as follows: